About Us

Established in the 2016, Uyiratral Homoeo Trust was founded by Dr.K.Arangarasan. Keeping up to the current market demands, we constantly evaluate, define and refine our approach towards the best practices in our services. Our services are always affordable and never compromised on the quality. Our success today is measured by the satisfaction derived by our clients for our quality. At Uyiratral Homoeo Trust, the work culture and our team's approach towards client requirement are ethical and professional. Irrespective of the scale of client's requirement, our team works towards minimal turnaround, leading to a prolonged patronage for our services.

Objectives of the Trust:

  • To undertake the health of all strata of people by utilizing the Graduates of HOMOEOPATHY and develop the HOMOEOPATHY medicine through Government Schemes.
  • To establish HOMOEOPATHY Hospital and develop the same as a Poly clinic hospital gradually.
  • To heal the patients by utilizing the other specialize hospitals.
  • To impart special training to the HOMOEOPATHY doctors in view to function effectively by experts of HOMOEOPATHY system of Medicines.
  • To expand the service of the HOMOEOPATHY to other towns and to treat the Patients by Video conferencing.
  • To establish and start up HOMOEOPATHY Medical College, To obtain approval from Government to establish Diploma and Pharmacy courses, To create web site to the Trust and through this cover the worldwide attention on HOMOEOPATHY medicines.
  • To obtain approval from the Income Tax Department Tax exemption to the Donators to manage the financial crisis. To motivate at least one person in a family for creating awareness and conducting campaigns, To create awareness on the HOMOEOPATHY concept through Literacy Materials, Conferences and Educational centers.
  • To organize free HOMOEOPATHY medical camps continuously where ever necessary by using the HOMOEOPATHY graduates and the registered Practitioners of HOMOEOPATHY and in particular at the rural and urban slums those people who are unable to afford the medical facilities.
  • To translate the content of HOMOEOPATHY from other languages into local language.
  • To work for the reach out of the HOMOEOPATHY medicine to the Pro poor, rural people and urban slums by imparting training to the Youths.
  • To reach out the HOMOEOPATHY medicine system for poor people by establishing libraries and reading centers.
  • To form a multi focus medical expert team to do research on HOMOEOPATHY system of medicines, To undertake treatment for the people through HOMOEOPATHY medicines during spreading of Epidemic diseases.
  • To maintain and arrange treatment for the victims of people with HIV, Leprosy, TB, Cancer and mental disorder in addition to the victims of of socially neglected people.
  • To create awareness and awareness campaign against the modern consumable advertisement technology which creates tension and mental pressure etc.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) in its report reveals that 60% of the causes for diseases are from tension, mental torture and pressure in mind. The World Trade Organization (WTO) tries to destroy the agro industry of third world country like India with joining hands with other developed Countries. Through this, unemployment problem, Deviation of mind, fear of the future life, slavery, violence, raping, murder, theft, drug addiction infected the youths. Hence, to work for the youths protects from the above.